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Hi! I’m Jamie, I blog over at C.R.A.F.T. and I’ve lived in numerous rentals, most recently this south Florida apartment, we called Sunny. I’m here to tell you, you can make your rental cute and organized, and get this… you can do it on a budget. True story! I’m doing a 3 part series for ForRent.com to share my super simple solutions to make your rental apartment/ house an organized, oh so pretty space for you to call home.

Today, we’re tackling the bathroom by sprucing up your counter clutter, finding a pretty place for those q-tips, and organizing the jewels! In a rental, the trick is to do things that you can take with you and use again, even after you leave.


Tip 1. Glass vases: I’m sure you have a few of these lingering in back of one of your kitchen cabinets. Grab 3, preferably of varying sizes, and add cotton balls, q-tips, and hair brushes. Set the vases on your counter or on a shelf above your toilet. Voila. Instant cuteness.

Tip 2. Perfume on a tray: In my 28 years I’ve learned a few things, and one of them is: If it’s not in front of my face, I forget about it and don’t use/ do it. This takes me to tip numero dos, don’t hide your perfume or jewelry for that matter. Perfume is expensive and those bottles are pretty. Take a little trip to the thrift store or raid you mama’s china cabinet and steal borrow a silver tray. Collect your perfume bottles from under the sink and set them all out on your tray. I like to stick my deodorant on that tray too. Place your tray on your dresser and admire. You can thank me later, ha!

Tip 3. Medicine cabinet: Obviously everyone does not have a medicine cabinet in their rental, but if you do, please utilize that sucker! Now, I was very lucky and in Florida discovered an amazing trick. Be prepared to be amazed….best of all, you just need magnets for this tip.  Once you place the magnets inside, take your tiny scissors, tweezers, and nail cutters and hang them up. With small spaces it’s important to use all available wall space, even inside your medicine cabinet, for storage solutions!


Tip 4. Necklace organizer: This goes back to Tip 2 and keeping pretty things out of the cabinet for you to use on a daily basis. Over on C.R.A.F.T. there is a step-by-step tutorial on how to build this necklace organization solution, but the real secret is in how you hang this tip. Command strips

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are a renters best friend! You can use them as hooks to hang your handbags, hats, scarves, necklaces, belts, etc. And if you look to move, you can remove with no damage to the wall (if applied correctly).

Tip 5. Towels: Put them in a basket and stick the basket in a corner in your bedroom, hallway, or bathroom. Done. Don’t use valuable under the sink space for towels when you can roll them up and display like a luxurious spa would. If you don’t want to use your limited floor space, hang a basket on your bathroom wall and place the rolled towels inside. Looks pretty and easy to access!

And there you have it, 5 little things to instantly clear up the clutter and make your rental bathroom a little cuter. I’ll be here next Monday, whipping your office nook into shape! You know that tiny, little corner of your living room where your cluttered desk hangs out? Yep, where giving it a makeover. See ya next Monday.
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  1. Great tips! I am going to look into making the necklace holder to save space in my rental condo.

  2. love some of these ideas! any tips on how to make your bathroom look better when your landlord won’t let you paint??? Also, when there is an awful wallpaper border on the top of the wall? I had the same problem in the bedroom but did floor to ceiling curtains on one wall and looks great!

    • We LOVE a floor to ceiling curtain! What a dramatic statement. :) Hmmm, the bathroom sounds like a challenge! Perhaps a large wall decal to draw the eye away from the “amazing” wallpaper boarder? They also make stick on tiles that you can apply one by one in different styles… maybe that is an option for you if the wallpaper border in the bathroom is sending you to the madhouse! Let us know what you decide to do!!! (And good luck!)

  3. Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

  4. adam miller says:

    love the rolled towelettes in a basket, charming!

  5. walk in shower says:

    Great post. Really I am surprised about this post.Thank You very much.

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