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Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t live large. Maximize the small space in your kitchen to create room to prep foods, save space in your refrigerator, and organize your cabinets and drawers to hold all of your dishes and silverware by using the tips below.

Mountable Appliances

Use mountable appliances whenever possible. For example, as stated in the Living Large in Small Spaces infographic, there are many options for mountable microwaves and even coffee pots!


Are your cabinets feeling crowded? Use wall shelves to store items that may not fit.

Stack organization shelves on top of each other for multi-level storage or consider installing a magnetic strip to hang up magnetic spice jars, knives, scissors, and even a plain magnet to hold on to your grocery list.

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Cabinet and Drawer Organizers

Without cabinets and drawers, the kitchen would be a mess – but without proper organization, your cabinets and drawers may be just as messy! Some helpful organizers include handy over-the-door shoe organizers, drawer dividers, and wire shelving.


Refrigerator Organizers

Organize and save space in your refrigerator with clear containers, and keeping similar items together. By using clear containers, you’ll be able to monitor food freshness and also when you will need to replenish your supply. If the bottle of orange juice is taking up too much space, consider a clear container that will take up less space.

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Source: ContainerStore.Com

Hanging Baskets

Clear the walls and floors by using hanging baskets as extra storage to hold items like garlic, lemon, onions, bananas, and other light produce.

Are you ready to find out how to live large in the bedroom, bathroom, or living room? Check out the Living Large in Small Spaces blog for more ideas on how you can maximize space in your apartment.



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    I have no picture to show however I love the above ideas. I live in a relatively small, 2 bedroom apartment that I’ve been dying to redecorate so I am very interested in searching more for these beautiful ideas as I have seen so far. I would like to find a site to see some new living room layouts and furniture.

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