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Last week, Jess and Monica from East Coast Creative posted a super fun tutorial for a DIY Nautical Rope Wreath, that is sure to add some personality to your door. And since most of us are always looking for ways to maximize our space and make it work for us, (especially when it comes to entertaining in an apartment) the girls are back with 5 budget friendly tips for entertaining in a small space!


Hello friends! It’s Jess and Monica again from East Coast Creative! Everybody loves a good party, but a lot of people are afraid to host their own because of two reasons: it can be so expensive and because their homes are too small. We don’t think anyone should feel limited by either of those problems, so we’ve rounded up our favorite tips for hosting an inexpensive party in a small space.

1. Decorate “up”.  If you’re dealing with limited space, don’t crowd every table surface with decorations. You don’t want people to feel like they might bump into something at any minute, and you want to make sure there’s enough space for your guests to put their drinks down. Instead, decorate the walls and ceiling! You can make very inexpensive paper pom-poms for only the cost of tissue paper that make a huge impact. And don’t forget good, ol’ balloons!  Used in the right way and in the right colors, they can be classy and beautiful.

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2. Go for a buffet! Not only do appetizers cost less than a full meal, but they don’t require a place setting at a table! To cut down on stress during the party, prepare extra trays before the party begins, so that when one plate runs out, you can easily swap it out for a new, styled plate: it looks better and takes less time! Spread out food and drink stations around your space to create a nice flow for your guests. That way you won’t have all your guests crowded in just one spot!

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3. Maximize every inch! To save space on your buffet table, vary the heights of the plates using cake stands, books, or anything you can think of! It adds a lot of visual interest and allows you to put more plates on the table.

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4. “Wrap up” your table! If you haven’t ever though of using wrapping paper and scrapbook paper to dress up your table, now is the time! This is a super inexpensive way to accessorize your table with a pop of color that coordinates with your theme. Just purchase a roll of your favorite wrapping paper and use it as a runner down the center of your buffet table, or find a fun pack of scrapbook paper and use them under your trays of food. Nothing boring about that!

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5. Move it outside! Even if you have a tiny, little balcony, sprucing it up so that your guests can wander outside makes it feel like your place is bigger! Add a few seats, and maybe a small table of appetizers and drinks and your guests will be so happy! Don’t forget lighting- inexpensive, white lights can go a long way and help set the mood for your party.

So whether you rent an apartment or own a small space, hosting a party can still be fun and easy on your bank account!

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