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Furnishing an apartment on a budget is hard enough-shouldn’t decorating it be simple? How about decorating your apartment with items you find around your home?

Do you have shoe boxes lying around? Cover the lids with fabric and hang them on your walls. This is a simple way to add pizzazz to any room for a low cost.

A majority of people store precious memories in photo albums or scrapbooks. Use plant holders to hang them on your wall for decoration. Not only will it add a little more color to a plain wall, but finding these precious memories will be a snap.


Need to decorate a kitchen? No problem! Frame a favorite handwritten family recipe, and hang it on your kitchen wall. It will add a little something extra to a kitchen, as well as keep your favorite recipes well within reach.

How about your home office? A little décor will make working in your office more comfortable. Do you keep your important messages on a corkboard, how about fancying it up a bit?  Adding fabric to your cork board will make it more appealing. Also, if there is any space left, add a few of your favorite pictures. There’s nothing like seeing a picture that will make you smile after a long day at work.


You can even find a cheap way to decorate bedrooms and bathrooms. Go with a nature theme with plant prints.  All you need is a piece of canvas (painting the canvas is optional) and a painted leaf. Use the leaf as a stamp to leave the leaf imprint as a beautiful portrait.


With these five easy home décor tips, your place will look stylish in no time.


Pictures from mypartsofspace.tumbler.com, Nesting Place, Indulgy, homegoods.com, and simply this and that. 

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