Crafty Scrappy Happy Tells us How She Incorporates DIY into Football Season!

| September 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

I love football season.

And I love crafting and decorating on a budget so it is only natural that I combine all of the above to get a great tailgating look! Here is my advice for a simple and spirited tailgate look.

Choose and incorporate team colored fabrics–my team just happens to be the University of Michigan so maze and blue were my fabric color choices.


Incorporate team Letters and Symbols– Snag clearance section letters a local craft store that could be painted and distressed to add team spirit to the decor!

Add pattern and Punches of Color–using the fabric to make a simple fabric bunting, is a great crafty project that can be done very inexpensively and quickly while adding large punches of your teams colors to the decor.

Make your Decor Team Specific–personalizing plates and utensil holders with wording is simple and only require stencils and glass paint.























How do you incorporate crafting and DIY into your tailgate set up?

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