Adding Color without Paint

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One of the limitations facing many renters is the inability to paint walls.  Luckily, white walls are quite popular right now.  But even with that little bit of good news, white walls aren’t necessarily everyone’s favorite.  Nor are they always the best solution. But just because you can’t paint a wall, doesn’t mean you can’t have a colorful home.

Adding Color FB

Here are four easy ways to bring color to a rental space without painting.

Adding Color without Paint

  1. Use artwork.  Artwork of any kind helps to bring color into a space.  But if you really want to create an impact, go for pieces that are large or group several pieces together.  They don’t even need to be hung.  You can simply prop them against the wall when on the ground or on a piece of furniture.  Adding Color without Paint
  2. Bring color in with furniture and accessories.  Generally, I suggest to renters to buy furniture pieces that are neutral so that they can adapt easily to just about any space.  But if you are really craving color, choosing furniture pieces in a bright hue, or choosing brightly colored accessories can certainly do the trick.Adding Color without Paint
  3. Don’t neglect your floors.  Area rugs are a great way to bring color into a space.  There are many inexpensive options for colorful area rugs that can be swapped out seasonally to change the feel of a room.Adding Color without Paint
  4. Bedding is also a fun way to bring color into a space. Even if you favor neutral colors for the main bedspread, colorful pillows are always a good option.

Just because you may have constraints placed on what can or cannot be done in a rental space, there is no need to abandon the idea of adding color.  Thinking a little bit outside the box can certainly help to make your space colorful without the commitment of paint.


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