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It’s always fun to have multiple uses for standard household items.  This allows you to be creative, save money, and change things around in your home often.


When most people buy decorative planters, well, they use them to sit potted plants in.  Which of course, is great BUT that’s not the only thing you can do with decorative planters.

I have had these wire planters for a very long time, and I still use them many ways around my house.  As you can see one looks like iron, which is the way I bought them both.  For fun, I spray painted the smaller one pink.  The detail of the ironwork really pops with the color,  so don’t think that you have to leave it the way it comes.  If it works better in your home painted a color, spray paint is a great friend to have.


Other alternative ways for using decorative planters may be:

Sitting on the bathroom counter holding daily hair products.  This is a nice way to contain the hairsprays and a curling iron.


Holding collections of items that you may want to display at different seasons of the year.  The added pinecones are a great touch for winter but as an alternative you could add shells for the summer.  Any collection would look great, just use what appeals to you and shows some personality.


Another great trick is to flip the planter upside down and sit the items on it like a pedestal.  This is very handy when you need to add height to a vignette.  I’ve sat many items on top of mine. The candle on the nightstand and the makeup brushes for the vanity help give the space a more decorative look, while offering height to the items.


Even if you are using the planters around your house, remember them when you have a party.  They work well when added to a table scape.

Now, next time you see a decorative planter your mind will race with all of the uses you know have for it!



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  1. I loved the different ways you used these! Darling 🙂

  2. What fun ideas! So many great uses!

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