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Mirrors have a purpose and we all know what that purpose is.  We need them to make sure we don’t walk out of our house looking like we just stepped out of bed or have something awful stuck between our teeth.

 Mirror Decorating

Now the fun part of decorating your home is to find fun and different ways to use regular items that everyone already has around their house.  Decorating with mirrors is a great way to start thinking out side of the box.

There are many ways and places in our homes that mirrors can go, like hanging by the door so you can grab one last look before heading out.  Even hanging in your closet so you can be sure your jewelry matches your outfit.

BUT have you ever thought of decorating with mirrors without the purpose they were intended?

Here are many other ways to use mirrors besides looking at your beautiful self:

  1.  Use as part of your table centerpiece by placing mirror flat and layering items on top.  You can buy the square beveled mirrors and lay out as many as you need. How to Decorate with Mirrors
  2. Mirrors reflect light around a room whether it is from natural light the windows give or from lamps. Light is a nice way to make a room just feel good.How to Decorate with Mirrors
  3.  Layer with other pieces of art to allow for interesting arrangements. Mixing and matching sizes and colors can also fun.How to Decorate with Mirrors
  4.  Mirrors add dimension to a room that does not have any windows like a small hall. When a wall is lacking in detail a mirror with a nice frame can remedy that.
  5.  For small rooms mirrors can make that room feel larger. Don’t be afraid to use big mirrors in those small spaces.  Long mirrors especially look great and add size to a room.

You can decorate a room with so many different objects but sometimes it requires you to think outside of the box a little.  Enjoy it!

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My name is Sonya Barker and I write a blog called At Home with The Barkers. I share inspiration and tutorials for all things home from painting furniture, home décor, and crafting. I enjoy doing it all while staying on a budget.


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