How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

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A good way to lower your spending is to pay attention to your electricity use – often, there are ways to easily decrease your monthly energy bill while also providing benefits to the environment!

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1. Use energy-efficient light bulbs in all of your light fixtures. Energy-efficient bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 6 times longer. A quick money-saving fix!

2. Unplug when not in use. Appliances, electronics, chargers, you name it – unplug it ALL when you’re not using it! While there isn’t much energy lost when not in use, it does add up over time.

3. Use the “cold” setting on your washer. Most of the energy used by a washer comes from heating the water, so if you skip that step altogether, you’ll save some green!

4. Hang clothing to dry when possible. Not only will you rack up significant savings if you don’t use a dryer, but your clothing will thank you – using a dryer tends to fade and wear out your clothing. You’ll also be conserving the environment by foregoing the dryer!

5. Load your dishwasher full before running it. No need to run it like clockwork every evening after dinner – just keep filling it up until you have a full load of dishes, and you’ll find that you run it less often. Not only will you save electricity, but you’ll save water too – another valuable resource!

6. Use a programmable thermostat. You’ll be able to control the temperature while you’re not at home or while you’re sleeping – times when you may not need your apartment to be as warm or cool.

These are small changes that can have a huge impact on your monthly budget. By incorporating these changes, you’ll be able to save money AND protect the environment. That’s a win-win!

How do you save money on your electric bill? Have you used any of these tips?

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