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Do you find yourself wanting a pet? Just moved into a new place, and considering a furry friend? Keep these questions in mind when thinking about adding a pet into your lifestyle.

  • Does your landlord have a pet policy? They might have a rule on no pets, only pets under 25 pounds, or they might not have a preference. Make sure they know about any pets living in your home.


  • Do you have the time? This is the most important question. Dogs require more time than other pets, so keep in mind the time needed for training, walks, and general attention. If you have little to no time, a small animal or fish might be better for your lifestyle.
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  • Are you committed? Do you want a pet so that you can show it to your friends? Will you still want a pet if you attract a significant other that doesn’t like animals? A pet is a large commitment, so keep in mind before you buy.

  • Do you have the money? Pets often require veterinary bills. In addition to health checkups, bedding, food, litter, treats, and any other accessories can become costly.


  • Do you have the space? Again, large dogs will require more space than other animals. Even small dogs and cats will need room to play and live. If you are limited on space, small animals and fish might be a better option.


Although not the fun part of pet ownership, these questions are important to ask yourself before you take in a pet. Time, commitment, and space vary from person to person and are different for various pet breeds. If your considerations and answers match up to a pet breed of your liking, then you are one step closer to owning a furry pal.


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  1. Balmoral Village Peachtree City says:

    These questions are very important to ask yourself before you go out buying yourself a pet. If you cannot answer these with conviction, you better think again. It is no use having one when you will just regret it after a few months.

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