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Most renters know a few months ahead of time whether or not they plan on renewing their lease. There’s a lot that goes with moving and sometimes it can be hard to remember everything.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important moving tips to help better ease you into your new apartment.


  • Assess moving costs. Going with a moving company or renting a moving truck? Compare costs for both. Once you decide which route best fits your practical and financial needs, be sure to make a reservation.
  • Fill out a change-of-address form at the post office.
  • Schedule a disconnection of all your utilities. If you are moving locally, ask if you can transfer utilities to avoid installation costs.
  • Consider hosting a moving sale.
  • Pack a travel kit! Along with personal items visit our Moving Pinterest boards to make settling in to your new abode a little easier.
  • Hire a cleaning service and plan a few days to clean thoroughly to ensure you receive your deposit.
  • Confirm moving times with friends, movers or anyone else you may be assisting in the move.
  • Make note of meter readings for utilities
  • Ensure no moving items were damaged during the move.
  • Be sure to have cash on hand.
 Moving can be stressful but if you’re organized and thorough you will be less likely to run into any snags. For a more complete moving checklist visit Century 21’s Moving Checklist.

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  1. Yes it is true that moving from one house to another is a very huge hassle. That is why I am relying on every tips I can gather just to make my packing a lot more easier. I should say that you gave me a simple idea but a very big help on how to organize and pack my things. I thank you for that.

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