Are you considering moving soon?  Or are you gearing up for an upcoming move? Have no fear! has rounded up the top 5 most helpful moving tips that are sure to make your next move an easy one!

Tip 17: Your things are heavy.  Be a social butterfly and lift as little as possible.

Tip 89: Just buy new things instead of packing old ones.

Tip 56: Get your priorities straight and stay focused.

Tip 9: Do you really need all of your stuff?

Tip 119: When moving furniture, don’t be the person who has to walk backwards.  You’re going to trip, then fall…it doesn’t end well.

Follow these simple tips and you will be sure to have a successful move. We hope that you have found these tips helpful, in an effort to make your next move go off without a hitch! If the top 5 tips have left you hungry for more moving knowledge, check out some other great moving articles! Best of luck with your next move – and remember, it will get done one way or another – will provide you with the tools to make it as easy as possible.



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