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Oktoberfest is an annual German tradition where the public enjoys a 16-day festival celebrating Bavarian culture. The biggest Oktoberfest, events are held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Did you know that you can watch Oktoberfest live in Germany?

Oktoberfest party ideas.

Depending on where Oktoberfest is held, there are different versions of the festival, but many often include Ferris wheels, horse racing, beer, costumes, delicious foods, and much more! This year, Oktoberfest will be going on from September 21st to October 6th.  Celebrate Oktoberfest in your own home with this fun menu!

Entrée: Pretzel Sliders

When you didn’t think sliders could get any better, Karen from Honestly Yum has taken them to the next level by using pretzel buns and caraway seeds. You have to try it for yourself! Be sure to incorporate pretzel sliders into your Oktoberfest menu.


Pretzel sliders via Honestly Yum

Side Dish: Crispy Potato Pancakes

Instead of fries, try simple potato pancakes. Consider Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and make these ahead of time for your party. If you have any leftovers, freeze and enjoy throughout the next two weeks. Tip: Add applesauce to these crispy pancakes for a delicious combination that will have you dancing for more!


Simple potato pancakes via Smitten Kitchen

Drinks: Beer & Other Alternatives

For the adults, consider one of Mademan’s list of 10 best German beers, including beers like Lowenbrau or Paulaner, directly from Munich and 17th century recipes. You can find these at some stores, restaurants, and online. After all, it wouldn’t be authentic without a beer imported from Germany!

If you are not a beer enthusiast, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good drink! Food Network has a list of 5 alternatives to beer. They range from ciders to carbonated sodas mixed with lemonade, such as Molson Canadian Cider, Somersby Apple Cider, and Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer.


Beer alternatives via Mademan

Dessert: German Chocolate Cupcakes

A party would not be complete without dessert. Sweeten your Oktoberfest party with Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake’s recipe for German chocolate cupcakes. These cupcakes look gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?


German chocolate cupcakes via Your Cup of Cake

What are your plans for Oktoberfest? If you are still looking to make plans, visit the decorating, entertaining, and dining section for inspiration.

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