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Hi! I’m Jamie, I blog over at C.R.A.F.T. and I’ve lived in numerous rentals, most recently this south Florida apartment, we called Sunny. I’m here to tell you, you can make your rental cute and organized, and get this… you can do it on a budget. True story! This is the last blog of my 3 part series for to share my super simple solutions to make your rental apartment/ house an organized, oh so pretty space for you to call home.

So far we’ve organized the heck out of the bathroom and the office nook. Today we’re doing laundry rooms, kitchens, and closets! Whahoo! After today, I’ve basically organized your whole house… you’re welcome! For today’s post you need these, lots of these:


Wire baskets are your friend. You can find them at your home improvement store for $6 or so. The one in the picture above hangs on shelves. I love wire baskets because you can take them with you when you leave. Here’s how I’ve used the magical shelf hanger in the past:

Laundry room: If you’re lucky enough to have shelves in there, use ’em! I’ve got 2 filled with outlets and laundry paraphernalia. You’ll also notice wire basket shelves on the top shelf. Love those too. (See more than you’ve wanted to know about a person’s laundry room.)


Kitchen Cabinets: I put things like water bottles, tupperware lids, and kitchen gadgets in them.


And here’s another handy dandy version of the wire basket. Just look at this beauty, she gives under the sink a new life with a snap of your finger trip to home improvement store!


Under the sink in kitchen or bathroom: It gives you so much more space and best of all, it’s Easy (that’s right a gave easy a capital E)!

Closets: You can use either type of wire baskets in your closets. The wire hanger works wonders for belts, scarves, clutches… you name it!

These wire baskets will rock your rental organizing world, promise! You really can’t own enough of them, and the best part is… you can . I probably have 15 or so, and I have no doubt I (and you) will use them again in my next home.

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