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One of the biggest dilemmas facing renters is how to make their home feel like their own within the limitations of not being able to make permanent changes to their space.  Having rented for several years, I have faced this dilemma time and again, and have come up with a few different ways to add my own touch to a space – temporarily.  I like to call this idea Reversible Decorating.

One major step in reversible decorating is to pay attention to your walls.  There are some fun ways renters can spruce up their walls that are truly reversible.  Try adding vinyl wall stickers for example.  The adhesive on most vinyl stickers allows them to be moved and repositioned which also allows for removal without damaging a wall’s finish.  This gives renters a myriad of options for adding personality to their walls.  Create the look of wallpaper or just give a small space a bit of interest.  The possibilities are endless.  Or it can be as simple as making sure to add art.  Nail holes are easy to fix when it’s time to move.

Use furniture to create room divisions.  This is a trick that all homeowners – regardless of whether or not they are renting – can put to good use.  But it is especially helpful for renters.  Sometimes spaces just don’t function the way you’d like them to.  One easy solution is to make more than one “functional” area within a space by using your furniture to create a natural division within the room.   Consider placing a bookcase in the center of a space to create a wall.   Bookcases that are open on both sides work well for this as they create a division but still allow light to flow through.    The simple placement of a sofa with its back one direction and its seats another can define an “entryway” and a “living space”.

And don’t forget to pay attention to your floors.  Area rugs can be a renter’s best friend.   Rental homes are notorious for not having the highest quality flooring.  Adding area rugs will not only conceal the existing floors, but they will go a long way toward bringing in the colors, textures and patterns that you want to have in your space.  Don’t be afraid to place an area rug over carpet.   It adds a layer of warmth and can help to define a space within a space.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from renters is their inability to make the space feel like their home.  Some even lack the desire or motivation to do so.  But you are going to be happier if you have a sanctuary to come home to everyday, so use these reversible decorating tips to add your flavor to a rental space without causing headaches when it’s time to move.



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  1. If your rented flat don’t have anything on windows or those window curtains you have are not at all matching your color concepts, change it. It’s a simple change that you can make to effect the overall appearance of your apartment interior by matching the window covers with the paint colors. Try to add natural elements like small plants or flowers to add more values and feeling of comfort to your interior.

    • Great tips, thanks!

    • Remember: You can take your window coverings with you, especially when you purchase ones to match your furniture. Just hang those old crappy blinds the place most likely came with back up before you move. The same goes with light fixtures. I hang my own chandeliers, and put the landlords’ back up before I move…

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