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Seeing your Moving Moments images on Instagram has been a blast, and the contest isn’t over yet so keep them coming!  While you have been planning your move, ForRent.com has reached out to a veteran moving expert, Jamie, from C.R.A.F.T. to share insider tips and tricks to make your next move a successful one!

Jamie has moved 6 times in her adult life, and they were big moves at that.  She moved from Texas to New York City, back to Texas, followed by a move to Florida and then back to Texas – just to name a few.  Shew, we are tired just by reading this!  Having moved across the country so many times, she knows what it takes to stay organized during a move and how to make the process as painless as possible.

You can’t start organizing and getting ready early enough.  “I start collecting boxes the day I realize I will be moving!  Once I have secured the boxes, I’m a pretty speedy packer,” exclaims Jamie.  Once you begin packing, she recommends beginning with your closet.  Start with all the different items on your closet shelves that you rarely use, or out of season clothes.  The first items packed should be things you won’t need immediately.

You probably have more stuff than you think.  It may not look like a lot at first glance, but once you start packing it away, the boxes seem to fill up quicker and quicker.  Jamie urges you to get more boxes than you think are necessary.  She has some great tips on ways you can secure free boxes, which is a huge money and time saver!

Once you are at your new place, she recommends unpacking your kitchen items first.  It’s a great way to empty a lot of boxes quickly because you know exactly where your pots and pans are going, as opposed to other items around the house.  Plus your instinct to survive comes into play, and you will need to eat!

Save some time and boxes by leaving clothes in your dresser.  Also, if you are moving across the country, hiring a moving service is a huge help; however, if the move isn’t far, recruit some friends and bribe them with food!  It will save you some serious coin.

Once you are moved into your new space, you need to familiarize yourself with your new area.  Jamie recommends going out into town and just getting lost.  Discover what the area offers or use a service like MeetUp.com for some great ideas.

When it comes to decorating your new space, get creative and make it fun.  DIY projects can help personalize your new apartment while saving money (since you’ve probably just spent it all on your move), and give you a break from all the unpacking.

Hopefully Jamie’s extensive moving history and expertise has helped steer you in the right direction for your next or upcoming move.  We would like to thank her for sharing her awesomely helpful moving tips!  What is the most important thing that you have learned from a move?


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