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Welcome to Amplified Apartments, a blog series about apartment hackers who’ve made strides against the mother of all city-dweller dilemmas – square footage.

In this week’s Amplified Apartments feature, the series hits San Francisco. There, Meredith Krull, of the style and DIY blog darling Meredith and The New Yorkie, has refashioned her happy place after crossing coasts. In July, Meredith and her small pup, Gwyneth, left their immaculately-styled New York studio for San Francisco.

With an extra 100 square feet at her disposal, Meredith got decorating, embarking on the complicated balancing act of creation and recreation. The end result is jam packed with accents, furniture, and artwork, but with a few golden rules, the young media professional, has achieved a vibrant, breathable space.

Detailed images and the clutter-busting methodology behind the 560 sq. ft. apartment lie ahead. Read on for ways to make your space dynamic and harmonious, courtesy of a blogger who knows her way around compact design.

You moved cross country in the past year, what challenges did that present to transferring your decor to a new space? How did you overcome those challenges?
The biggest challenge was being able to recreate the things I loved about my NYC apartment while still making my San Francisco space feel unique and special.

I didn’t want to just re-do everything I had done in NYC, but there were a few things that had to stay – my DIY pink front door, for example.


What were your must-haves when designing your space? Did you have to make any compromises?

The biggest must-have when looking at apartments in San Francisco was a separate bedroom. I lived in a 470 square foot studio apartment in NYC, so I really wanted my San Francisco apartment to have a separate sleeping area that I could design to be a relaxing retreat – away from the TV, home office and dishes in the sink.

I did have to compromise on the closet space, though. Maybe one day I’ll have a walk-in. But now I’m finding creative ways to fit all my clothes into the closet I’ve got.


If you could describe your design concept using 3 words what would they be?

Pink, Pattern, Personal.

A pink and gold theme runs throughout your apartment. Was that a conscious decision you made to keep the space unified?

Pink and gold were conscious decisions, but for different reasons. Pink is the color that always makes me happy, and I wanted to decorate using the things that put the biggest smile on my face.

I stuck with gold for the accents to balance everything out, since there’s so much color and pattern going on in the space.

I’ve hit the limit on how much pink one can have in 560 square feet.


Can you give us some pointers on smart storage solutions? You have so many great examples around your apartment, like the mason jars filled with desk supplies.

The IKEA Expedit shelving unit is a huge storage solution – the baskets in the middle are perfect for storing my arsenal of DIY supplies.

Small boxes in the media console house stationary and office supplies that get messy when not contained. I also use Mason jars and trays on my desk that are perfect for flash drives & other small items I use frequently.


Your space is filled with beautiful textures and patterns. How are you able to incorporate all of them without them clashing?

I think it’s a balancing act between selecting a color palette and not being too matchy-matchy. Coral pink and light green are my primary colors, so when I’m incorporating a pattern I like to incorporate one of those colors along with one or two new, secondary colors.

Choosing a base color and adding one or two new colors at a time is the key to keeping things tied together.


In a small space, how do you toe the line between clutter and decor?

This one’s a tough one for me. I’m a “more is more” kind of gal, and I’m not a great editor. Knowing this, I like to ask friends whose style I admire to give me their opinion. A little objectivity never hurt anyone!

What are your go-to stores for home furnishings and decor?

I go to Pottery Barn for the basics and Furbish Studio for accents with personality.

  My love: cruising my apartment’s dumpster for discarded furniture to makeover.


What’s your number one tip for solving the small space problem?
Fitting everything in a small space is like playing a game of Tetris. Move your furniture around and live with the arrangement for a few days. Repeat as needed until you find what works.

For more design insights from Meredith and Gwyneth, see their blog, Meredith and Gwyneth the New Yorkie here.

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  1. Linda Cole (Style Whiz) says:

    This article struck a chord with me instantly as I am moving soon to a new home which will be a challenge with space.

    I am a huge fan of blue and white and have decided on a Shabby Chic/ Mediterranean theme which I have been experimenting with in my present home.

    So far so good as the look is developing exactly as I wanted but I am now going to introduce a contrast color to really get that Mediterranean feel. A little predictable but after much deliberation i have chosen yellow to bounce off the blue and white and after purchasing a few yellow vases I can see how gorgeous it is all going to look.

    Moving to a new home is exciting and I can’t wait to get painting and decorating.

    This was a great article which has really inspired me.

    Great blog also..

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