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Saving the Earth Can Save You Some Dough $$

| June 30, 2008 | 3 Comments

We’ve posted a few articles previously about how to ‘go green’. It’s a major focus in today’s society. Everyone is concerned about the environment, me included. So slowly I’ve started making adjustments to my daily living. But recently I read an article called ‘The Cheapest way to Save the Earth’ by M.P. Dunleavey. This article […]

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What’s Your Credit Score?

| April 15, 2008 | 0 Comments

According to Wikipedia, a credit score “is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person’s credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of that person, which is the perceived likelihood that the person will pay debts in a timely manner.” Lenders typically assess the potential risk involved in lending money to consumers by […]

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