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There are many benefits to keeping your living space clean and organized. Being clutter-free means that there are fewer distractions and you can easily find your highlighter or favorite shirt to wear to class the next morning. Another bonus is that you can invite your friends over at any time without feeling embarrassed about your messy space. Here are a few suggestions for making your college experience much more organized and enjoyable!

1.       Use Plastic Storage Containers

This should be on every student’s list as a college room necessity. Plastic storage containers are perfect for holding your books, clothing, snacks, and much more. Add a special touch by covering it with fun and colorful duct tape, favorite print fabric, or paint your own design.

Photo Source: The Lovely Side

2.       Compartmentalize

When you compartmentalize items, you’ll struggle less with scrounging around your drawers for a pen and notepad. Fun ways to compartmentalize include using muffin tins, jars, and baskets. Go the extra mile and use labels to reinforce your habits. After all, you’re less likely to toss your paperclips into a jar labeled push pins, right?

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3.       Keep a Command Center

Keep a command center on the back of your door, on your wall, or on the refrigerator. Have your roommate add their schedule as well. This way, you’ll both be able to coordinate schedules, plan for chores, upcoming tests, party dates, and reminders in one area. There are numerous ways to match your style. Try chalkboard wall art, a corkboard, or go with a whiteboard.

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4.       Take Advantage of Space Behind Doors

Using space behind doors is perfect for keeping items out of sight and staying organized at the same time. Shoe organizers are perfect for storing numerous items. Check out how blogger A Bowl Full of Lemons keeps school supplies organized:

Photo Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

5.       Stack

Stacking your items on top of each other is one way to maximize and take advantage of vertical space.  Be sure not to stack fragile or weaker items on the bottom!

Photo Source: The Lovely Side

6.       Find Hidden Storage

The space under your bed can be used to store your extra shoes, seasonal clothing, books, and much more. Consider using bed risers to increase the storage space to put away your large boxes, shelves, and textbooks. If you have a loft bed, keeping your desk and/or dresser underneath is an easy way to save space.

ForRentUniversity.com hopes these tips will help you alleviate your worries about keeping your dorm or off-campus apartment organized, and allow you to focus on studying for your exams instead. For great college inspiration and ideas, check out the ForRentUniversity.com Pinterest College board!



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  1. Jessica says:

    Any idea where I can find the cart with drawers that the mini fridge is sitting on in #5?

  2. Terrific practical ideas…very smart and useful!!! I’ll be sharing your ideas with my sons who are both in college.

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