An Easy College Move-Out

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Living on campus in a dorm can be very convenient. However, many dorms have strict rules for when you have to be completely out of the building. For Old Dominion University Quad residents, inhabitants must be out by the end of final exams. This leaves students on campus with two options: pack everything up early and live among boxes for weeks, or scramble around at the last minute after exams to move out before an extra fee is charged. Seemingly a no-win situation, the common reaction of students is anywhere from slight to rampant panic. Fortunately, as one who has recently gone through this trying time, I have some insight on how to avoid added stress to exam week.

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1)      Pack up the things in your dorm that you use sparingly towards the third quarter of the semester. Keep important things like clothes, your computer, everyday school supplies, and your refrigerator out and accessible.

2)      Two or three days before the end of classes, pack up the majority of your stuff, again leaving important items such as your refrigerator for further use.

3)      By the end of exam week, pack up the remaining items and get yourself officially checked out of the dorm, preferably before your roommate. This lessens the chance that you will be charged extra fees for something that you had nothing to do with.

After this, you should be all set and stress free to enjoy your summer!

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  1. one east delaware says:

    Very informative. Nice tips to help out students, very prudent options.

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