National Girlfriends Day!

| August 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

Girlfriends are essential to sanity for most women today. Boys are nice, but when you pick up a juicy piece of gossip or have a deep dark secret to tell, you don’t tell your boyfriend (unless it concerns him, but that is a different matter), you call up your girlfriends! There is nothing like a good girls night in where you all get a chance to vent, drink wine, and start a gigglefest. On the flip side, going out to a club with your girls gives everyone a safe environment to have a great time!

Today we celebrate the girlfriends: the ones who make everything right, the ones who are on your side no matter what, even the ones who will call you on your BS. They are the women who force you to try on and buy clothes out of your comfort zone because they look fabulous on you, and tell you when you have spinach in your teeth. The very best girlfriends are irreplaceable pillars in your life.


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  1. Cem Anderson says:

    Yes, that is true. men don’t want gossip. girlfriends better chat with their girlfriends and spare men listening for long to God knows what they are talking…

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