Temporary Decorating Solutions for Renters, Part 2

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Temporary Decorating Solutions for Renters, Part 1 discussed using wall decals, tile tattoos and shelf paper for your space; now ForRent.com offers you three additional solutions to improve your décor without the worry of having to repaint, fill in drywall, or pay any fines before your next move.

Carpet Tiles
Did you want carpet but moved to an apartment or condo with unattractive hard-wood flooring or tile instead? Peel and stick carpet tiles for a temporary solution to transform your flooring. Carpet tiles come in a variety of styles you can find online or in your local home improvement stores.  


Temporary Wallpaper
Stay trendy by using stylish temporary wallpaper. Get an industrial looking apartment by using temporary brick wallpaper. Consider getting creative and adding it to the inside of bookshelves, pantry, wardrobe and even your steps!


Window Film
Window film is a pet-friendly alternative to window blinds and curtains. It is ideal for renters who want more privacy, pet owners who want to stop spending money on replacing blinds, or anyone who wants to add extra dimension and style to their windows.


Temporary decorating solutions are not just for renters. Whether you live in a house, apartment, townhome, dorm, or condo, using temporary decorations will enhance the beauty of your home and leave a lasting impression on your visitors!

Source: Homes.com, A Renters Guide to Temporary Improvements

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