How to Create Pallet Shelves

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Did you know you can create eclectic furniture using pallets? Yes, pallets! Add personality to your apartment space by creating pallet furniture that is simple, fun, and inexpensive! One of the easiest pieces of pallet furniture to create is shelving. Follow these six simple steps to create your very own pallet shelves:


1. First and foremost, search for a few pallets. You can visit your local hardware or grocery store to see if they have any spare pallets they plan on tossing. Make sure the wood is still in somewhat decent shape for you to work with.


2. Once you have your pallets and have set up shop, start taking the nails out of all of the boards. You can use a claw hammer, but be careful not to split the wood when removing the nails.

3. Next, measure out your boards and cut them to a length that works just right for you. Once you have cut each piece, prep your wood by sanding the boards so they are smooth and ready to be painted.

4.  Now that your boards are now ready to be stained, using the color of your choice, paint each board and let them dry completely.

5. Once the paint is completely dry, place two or three boards together, depending on how wide you want your shelves to be. Next, place two pieces of wood vertically underneath your shelf, one at each end, and nail your pieces together.

6. Lastly, screw in one hanging bracket at each end of your shelf, or use keyhole hangers to create floating shelves. Add a few photos or knick-knacks to your shelves and your project is complete!

Do you have any plans to create pallet shelves, or have you designed any furniture pieces using pallets? If so, share a few photos with us on Instagram using @AptsForRent.

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