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Today, Mandi from Vintage Revivals has stopped by our blog to share some great thrift store secrets with us that will help you score big!

There are 2 constants when it comes to Thrifting. The smell, and the huge amounts of random crap that you will find.  The good news though is that there is probably a treasure or two hiding among the tacky dust covered floral arrangements and craft projects gone awry.

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That is what I am here to teach you about today.  How to look past the horrible and find the goods.

Tip #1:  Get to know your store(s).  Where I live there is one main thrift store,  the inventory is always changing, and most great items dont last a day.  I know that if I am going to find something, I need to go regularly.  Get to know the layout,  is there a spot where they seem to stash all the good stuff?  Do they negotiate on their prices?

Tip #2:  Dont be afraid of a little work:  What happens if you spot a great dresser that has a cracked drawer front?  Everything else about it is ideal.  More often than not things that end up at a second hand store are there for a reason (every once in a while this is not the case)  they may need a little TLC but there is so much satisfaction to be had from taking in an outcast and making it beautiful.

There are huge transformations like this cane chair overhaul

Sometimes things just need a good wipe down like this industrial cabinet.

Tip #3:  Find A Partner In Crime:  You need someone in your corner that will tell you if you are taking things just a little too far.  Send them pictures of an item before you buy it.  Try clothing on and get an honest opinion.  It may be just a few dollars for a shirt or a picture frame but that adds up.

Tip #4:  Keep a list of Wants, Needs, and “I Will Tattoo Your Store Name On My Forehead If You Ever Have This” items.  The chanced of your local thrift store having your dream West Elm couch that is still in catalog is probably not going to happen.  BUT. finding things like industrial shelves, Mid Century coffee tables, or stacks of old books is MUCH more likely.  If you keep a list (mental or otherwise) of what you are hunting for it makes the deciding process a little bit easier.

Tip #5:  Gather Inspiration From Other Thrifters.  There are hundreds of DIY/Shelter blogs that show how to overhaul thrifting treasures.  Here are some of my faves:

Vintage Revivals

All Things Thrifty

Southern Hospitality

Young House Love

A Beautiful Mess

I hope that these tips inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and score your own thrifty treasures!  I will be back next week with some inspiration on mixing new and vintage furniture to create a one of a kind space.

Hey there new BFF, I’m Mandi from Vintage Revivals, and I love your guts! I started Vintage Revivals in July of 2010.  I had discovered the vast world of DIY blogging and I was hooked.  All of my neighbors called me and were wondering what the crap I was spray painting in 119 degree heat, so I kind of started it as a way for everyone to keep track of the craziness that is Mandi Gubler. I describe my style as Thrift Shop Glam.  Sounds awesome right? Ya, I made it up.








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