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Courtney, from Pizzazzerie, has stopped by our blog today with some awesome DIY projects for Valentine’s Day.  Get inspired!


Thinking of hosting a Valentine’s Party or sharing a treat with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day?! You don’t need a lot of room or a huge budget to put together a simple dessert display that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day (and beyond). I’ve put together a few, simple DIY ideas for celebrating.


What I absolutely love about this DIY is how versatile it is for different holidays and celebrations. For Valentine’s Day, I selected x’s and o’s, but you could pick out monogram letters (for a wedding) or numbers (for a birthday).

Wooden letters
Wooden skewer sticks (or craft sticks)
Spray paint (regular color and glitter)
Hot glue gun (or wood glue)

  1. Simply spray your wooden letters and skewers with your color of choice. I chose a hot pink and a metallic gold.
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  2. Let dry and follow over with a glitter (I suggest choosing a glittered spray paint in a similar color to your first layer).
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  3. Let dry and flip over for backside (This isn’t necessary depending on where you have your cake displayed, but if people will be walking around the dessert, then I suggest spraying both sides).
  4. Use a hot glue gun (or wood glue) to adhere the letters (or numbers) to your wooden skewers.
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  5. If you’re worried about the spray paint in your dessert, you could tape off the bottom couple of inches of the wooden skewer so it does not get sprayed.

Simply pick up a solid white (or color of your choice) cake from the grocery store and jazz it up with these cake toppers for a truly show-stopping sweet! You don’t have to choose a cake, however! Try sticking these cuties down in pies, cupcakes, you name it!


This is one of my favorite DIYs I have made! It’s perfect for all homes (from a small apartment to a house) because it can be used anywhere, and doesn’t take up too much space. It is a striped vase for holding Valentine’s flowers, but you can continue to use it year-round! I love holiday décor but sometimes it only suits for that specific season. Make your decorations last all year by using colors like gold or silver (because they’re great for the Christmas season but also for other holidays). I picked up some pink peonies, but this gilded vase would look dynamite with traditional red roses too.

Plain glass vase
Gold spray paint
Glitter gold spray paint
Painter’s tape

  1. Wipe down your vase and be sure it’s clean of any residue.
  2. Tape off stripes with painters tape. You can measure the stripes to be exact or eyeball it like I did.
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  3. Spray paint with gold first, let dry, and follow with the glittered paint.
  4. Remove the painter’s tape and fill with your favorite flowers!
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day by setting up your DIY’s for a dessert celebration! This little display could easily fit on a coffee table too. Place out cute Valentine’s plates (like pink and white striped ones) and pink utensils. The little details make all the difference. Once V-Day has passed, keep your gilded vase out for décor!

Thanks for letting me swing by, and hope you loved these Valentine’s Day ideas!





Growing up in the South, she attended Vanderbilt University earning both a bachelors in Communications + masters in Organizational Leadership. Her expertise has been seen in HGTV.com, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, AOL’s DIY Life, Get Married Magazine, and MarthaStewart.com. She works with brands such as Tostitos, Pier 1, Orville Redenbacher, Sterling Wines, Sierra Mist, and Lindt to connect consumers with their products in an entertaining setting. She writes for Disney,The Huffington PostSHE KNOWSHostess With the Mostess, and Tablespoon.

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  1. I’m going to make the vases for my sisters bridal shower! Thanks so much! Stunning!

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