Valentine’s Gifts for Him

    Gift giving in general can be a daunting task, which is why many of us wait until the last minute to find suitable gifts for our loved ones. Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday to shop for because while it is a gift giving holiday, there is usually a smaller budget and price limit that […]

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    Valentine’s Day Fortunes

    Finding interesting and new crafts for Valentine’s Day can become challenging. Among the heart garlands and flowery wreaths, many Valentine-themed projects are overdone. In my search for more unique Valentine’s crafts, I came across a felt fortune cookie idea at Martha Stewart. This easy to do project is a conversation starter and a great present […]

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    Easy Football Pizza Recipe

    Many apartment owners lead busy lives, and cooking for a super bowl party might not be at the top of the priority list. With this simple idea, spruce up an everyday pizza into tailgate goodness.       All you will need is:   1 frozen pizza   1 bag of pepperoni   Kraft singles […]

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    What is an Infograph?

    Infographics/infographs are visually displayed pieces of information which include figures, facts and statistics. They are incredibly useful when you need to explain complex information in a time effective manor. Infographics are growing to be a universal approach for displaying information on a multitude of topics. Infographics can oftentimes be difficult to design due to the […]

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    Escape Stress

    Busy work, class and personal life schedules can be a lot to juggle. Stress and anxiety have been known to get worse during winter months, with cold weather and less sunshine keeping many of us indoors. Here are some quick ways to relieve stress and tension throughout the day. These tips will keep you grounded […]

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