Don’t Let Your Thanksgiving Go Wrong

    Thanksgiving is just a week away and we want to make sure you’re prepared for the hustle and bustle of the days feast and festivities. With guests arriving and people walking in and out of the kitchen, you want to make sure everything runs without a hitch despite all the daily interruptions. Here I have […]

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    6 Bad Fast Food Breakfasts

    Growing up we’ve all been told to make sure we eat our breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day. While most of us would agree to that, what happens in instances where we face the need to get a fast food breakfast? I mean fast food is bad, yes, but it’s only […]

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    DIY: Bookmarks

    I’ll usually have around 4 or 5 books started at one time that way I can read various things instead of one thing if I’m not in the mood for it. The one thing that I always learned when it came to saving your place in a book is don’t “doggy ear” the pages! With […]

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  • DIY

    Creating a Paint or Gallery Wall

    Brought to you from our friends Tommy and Ellie from! Next to the master bedroom, the dining room was what sold me on our house (even its pre-flipped, dilapidated state). I loved the natural light, the big bay window, the two columns and the way the dining room entry point flowed into the two-story […]

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    10 Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is one place in the house that often becomes neglected in appearance overtime, especially for those of us who live in an apartment- landlords typically frown upon tenants renovating without permission. To bring your bathroom back to life and to help it seem more open and bright, there are a few inexpensive tricks and […]

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