Halloween’s Candy: Candy Corn

    October starts tomorrow and that can only mean one thing; Candy corn! Now although I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the stuff I will enjoy a small handful of them during the fall season. After doing a little bit of research and trying to figure out why it ever became popular, I mean let’s […]

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    Avoiding the Flu

    All I can hear are people blowing their noses in the class rooms and “discrete” coughs in the office. Yup, that’s got to mean it’s the cold and flu season. The season is considered to last from October to May, and personally that’s a long time for me to try and avoid getting sick. So […]

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    10 Uses of Vinegar

    I love it when common household items have more than one use. Vinegar is one item that almost all of us keep in our house, mainly for cooking, but only use it every once in a while.    Vinegar has over 100 different uses and can be used as a cheaper alternative to some of the pricier […]

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    National Dog Week

    This week is National Dog Week! Instead of featuring a recipe for us humans to enjoy I’d like to show your furry companion some love by offering you how to make a healthy, and very simple, homemade treat for them.   What you’ll need: 2 cups whole wheat flour 1 Tbsp baking powder 1 Cup […]

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    Natural Hair Treatment

    Believe it or not basic breakfast foods can also serve as great hair treatment products according to Mother Nature Network (  These items include eggs, avocado, cornstarch, sour cream, and mayonnaise. It is amazing what nature is capable of.  It sounds a little messy, but I guess if you don’t feel like paying $30.00 for […]

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