Sit-Ups v. Crunches

      Everybody thinks if you do a thousand sit-ups, your six-pack magically appear.  However, the standard “sit-up” is actually a pretty outdated exercise.  Shocking, huh?  A much more productive exercise is the “crunch,” which fully works the abdominal region if done correctly.  The old-fashioned sit-up (arms crossed, and elbows to the knees), only utilizes your […]

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    They’ll All Scream for Ice Cream: DIY

    Ice cream is a great summertime treat.  It’s hot outside, and the kids are running around having a good time, but eventually their going to come running to you for a snack.  How about you teach them how to make ice cream?  This activity will keep them occupied, as well as serve as an inexpensive […]

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    Moving Day Countdown

    Moving can be a real hassle.  There really is a lot to do to make the transition a smooth one.  And if you don’t take the right approach to preparation and planning, you could find yourself in a very overwhelming situation.  Here is a great outline for taking on the moving process courtesy of Century […]

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    Benefits of Budgeting

    Money is always a relevant topic for discussion whether it is your own personal salary or something on a grander scale. The real topic people seem to be buzzing about these days is how to enjoy a lifestyle that is supported by your budget. For example: Going out to eat. People LOVE to go out […]

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    Cleanliness in Your Home

      If you are anything like me, you can’t be productive living in a mess.  Even as a college student, I find myself incapable of studying in my apartment unless it is clean.  It keeps me organized and relieves me of any unnecessary stress that would be added on top of my upcoming exam or […]

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