Pretty Pantry – Guest Blogger!

    This week we are celebrating the top five entries in our photo contest by sharing a post from their own blog sites. Today we have Shelley Smith talking about how she redid her pantry to make it into the Pretty Pantry that we all now know and love.

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    My Bedroom – Guest Blogger!

    Today we continue the week of celebrating the top five entries into the Coolest Space in Your Place photo contest! On this fine Tuesday, Stacy Risenmay shares with us how she turned her bedroom into a romantic and elegant retreat.

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  • DIY

    My Makeshift Mantlepiece – Guest Blogger!

    As I am sure you are aware, and just finished running a joint photo contest called “The Coolest Space in Your Place”. Over 250 photos were submitted and from 250, we narrowed the entries down to just five. This week we will be sharing the top 5 entrants’ blog posts about the rooms […]

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    For the past year or so Michele Obama has been on the war path to help Americans become “healthy” again. After making modifications to the food pyramid, which is now a plate, Michele seeks to revamp the nutrition label on food packages to help give the public a better understanding of what they eat and […]

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    Avocado Mania

    With Subway’s “AvocadOHH” program and Burger King’s new California Whopper featuring a guacamole spread on the infamous burger, it’s safe to say that this super fruit is on the rise. Avocados are naturally rich in nearly twenty essential nutrients. These include fiber, potassium, vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid. They’re a great source of the good […]

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