All About the Deal

    Where are the best places to get deals in your area?  Most of my friends and family use,, or  The concept behind these sites is that businesses will offer a deal under the condition that they sell a certain quantity.  This means that the deal will only be available once a specific […]

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    All Natural Smoothies

    Earlier this month Sam posted a blog about smoothies serving as a healthy snack.  Well, it’s still hot out there and I figured you could use a few more recipes.  These smoothies are easy to make and serve as a great breakfast, snack, or even a dessert, and can be prepared in matter of seconds.  […]

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    National Dog Day

      August 26th is National Dog Day.  Wow what a phenomenal holiday!  Dogs really do make life a lot less stressful, and offer companionship that is unmatched by any other animal in my opinion.  Dogs really tell a lot about a person, and bring out their true character.   My brother just recently competed in […]

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    Wine Wisdom

    There are a few people in the world that really know what they are talking about when it comes to wines, and why they are good. Most of us just pop the cork, take a sip, and make a yea or nay decision based on whether or not it appeals or repels us. But what […]

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    Top 10 Leading Sources of Calories

    I took nutrition and wellness class in college a few years back, and learned so much about dieting it was unbelievable!  And to make sure I retained that knowledge I kept the book we studied and my college notes for future reference.  I will never forget sitting in class looking at all these statistics talking […]

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