Rooming With Friends

    You can make friends with your roommates, but you can’t make roommates out of friends.  I mean I guess it is possible, it’s just very unlikely, unless you take some preemptive measures.  In most cases, you end up irritating each other so much that it ultimately results in a bad situation for the both of […]

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    Sit-Ups v. Crunches

      Everybody thinks if you do a thousand sit-ups, your six-pack magically appear.  However, the standard “sit-up” is actually a pretty outdated exercise.  Shocking, huh?  A much more productive exercise is the “crunch,” which fully works the abdominal region if done correctly.  The old-fashioned sit-up (arms crossed, and elbows to the knees), only utilizes your […]

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    They’ll All Scream for Ice Cream: DIY

    Ice cream is a great summertime treat.  It’s hot outside, and the kids are running around having a good time, but eventually their going to come running to you for a snack.  How about you teach them how to make ice cream?  This activity will keep them occupied, as well as serve as an inexpensive […]

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    Moving Day Countdown

    Moving can be a real hassle.  There really is a lot to do to make the transition a smooth one.  And if you don’t take the right approach to preparation and planning, you could find yourself in a very overwhelming situation.  Here is a great outline for taking on the moving process courtesy of Century […]

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    Benefits of Budgeting

    Money is always a relevant topic for discussion whether it is your own personal salary or something on a grander scale. The real topic people seem to be buzzing about these days is how to enjoy a lifestyle that is supported by your budget. For example: Going out to eat. People LOVE to go out […]

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