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    Cornhole DIY!!

    A game that seems to be taking the state of Virginia by storm is called Cornhole. There are two boards that sit on the ground with one end up in the air at an angle, with the boards facing each other. The purpose is to stand next to one board and try and toss bean […]

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    Epic Proportions

    Have you ever noticed that things just seem to get bigger and bigger everyday?  I went to a non-chain deli restaurant for lunch the other day and ordered a turkey sandwich.  What I received included the contents of a turkey sandwich: turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, and two slices of bread; but this thing was […]

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    Independence Day

      Most of you all know, on July 4th 1776, our forefather’s approved The Declaration of Independence, a document proclaiming our independence from England and its tyrannical rule over our nation.   In the beginning, Continental Congress created a five man committee responsible for drafting the Declaration.  This committee was headed by John Adams and Benjamin […]

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    Fourth of July: Fact or Fiction

      What immediately comes to mind when you think of the fourth of July?  The Declaration of Independence, fireworks, Thomas Jefferson, The Revolutionary War, things of that sort, right?  Despite our nationwide celebration that we Americans will continue to commemorate as long as this country has a history, there are other things that happened on […]

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    What To Do With Windows?

    Windows can be tricky to decorate sometimes. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions like, “Do I want sunlight to come in or not? Or maybe just occasionally?” There are a few options for window treatments…   A. Curtains: Curtains are good when you have insulation issues. Nice, heavy curtains can keep the […]

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