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    Do-It-Yourself (DIY): Tips on Beginning a Project

    Living in an apartment comes with its advantages, disadvantages, responsibilities, or lack thereof.  With apartments you don’t have to cut the lawn in the beating hot sun tomorrow, or shovel 10 feet of snow come February.  However, you aren’t granted as much freedom when it comes to making an apartment your “home.”  When you own […]

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    What Happens in Vegas Stays on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr…

    Social media is big and is forever changing the way we do business, especially in the multifamily housing space. Our industry has come a long way with social media and it’s interesting to see how it’s even changing event planning for the 2011 National Apartment Association Education Conference & Exposition.   Today I leave for […]

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    Wallpaper Removal

    Often when you move into a new apartment or house, there is something décor wise that you don’t like. We have all been there, walking into a room and asking yourself, “What were they thinking?” Paint is easy enough to fix: just paint over it. A slightly more complicated problem is wallpaper. While pretty, wallpaper […]

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    DIY Outdoors: Building A Shed

    A few weeks ago we bought a huge air compressor to use on all our outdoor projects and automotive hobbies (projects = me, hobbies =  him). Once we got the ginormous thing unloaded, we realized that we had a situation on our hands. As magnificently shiny and red as the thing was, it was also […]

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    Father’s Day 2011

    Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful guys out there we call Dad! Here is a really big THANK YOU for all that you do for us, yes even grounding us as teenagers. The world just wouldn’t be the same without the powerful influence of Dad, and we would like to make a toast to […]

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