Easy and Fun Back to school Recipes for Kids

    Making kids lunches can be a challenge sometimes because they are so picky!! To help out with that, we’ve looked up a few tips to for fun and tasty ideas that will keep your kid happy. Cookie Cutter Sandwiches What a fun surprise for your child? To open up his/her lunch box and see a […]

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    How to Manage All Your Piles of Paperwork

    There is nothing worse than trying to do work and have to spend ten minutes looking for one piece of paper you need. This is the case for many home offices. Clutter can easily take over and make you feel helpless. One simple thing that you can do is to make a filing system for […]

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    Basics of Grilling

    There is nothing like the smell of the grill to let you know its summer! To ensure smooth grilling, check out these tips from Keep Your Eye on the Prize Make sure when you’re cooking food on the grill that you are watching it at all times. This will help prevent the food from […]

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    Let the Apartment Hunting Begin

    Trying to find an apartment can seem like a monumental challenge with so many places and things to think about. But here at we want to make the process a little easier. So we’ve searched a few tips to help you along the way. 1. Want a roommate? You need to decide if you […]

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    Four Simple Steps to Organizing Any Room in your Apartment

      One of the biggest issues apartment owners face is the invasion of clutter that seem to just appear over time, making organization seem like a monumental challenge. However in almost all cases renters can take back their apartments with four simple steps that can work in about any room. These steps are: taking everything […]

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