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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve uploaded our community theater videos to social media websites such as YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, Revver and AptsVideo.com. It appears they were on a hiatus for a bit, but have made a miraculous recovery.

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This week the upload totals over 100 new videos. What? Over 100 new apartment community videos?? Yes, sir! Apartments for rent in cities all over the US have been distributed on our social networking profiles. Cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Carrollton, Denver, Durham, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Jacksonville, McKinney, Miami, Milwaukee, Naples, Portland, San Antonio, Tampa, etc. The list is really too long to go on, but you can check all the latest uploads on our YouTube profile.



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  1. Austin Apartment Pro says:

    That’s a very impressive resource for renters. Very nicely done!

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