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Since July 2008 For Rent Media Solutions has created and sent out monthly newsletters to our clients and prospects. Our intention with doing these newsletters is to announce information about the multifamily industry and our products/services, connect with current, past and future clients and of course, generate leads.  We have seen great success with our efforts thus far and we are continuously raising the bar to do better. But we have one question for you…..is your company doing an e-newsletter?

Everyone knows the economy is tough and everyone, including your competitors, is thinking of innovative ways to reach new customers while maintaining relationships with existing customers.  An e-newsletter is a smart marketing move, and here’s why:

  1. E-Newsletters are Good Sources of Information. Can you think of a better one on one way to market your company, products and services to a target rich audience? The benefit with e-newsletters is that you already have a distribution list composed of interested participants wanting to hear more about the industry and what you have to offer them.
  2.  Helps You Connect Easier. With the constant workload on everyone’s plate, connecting with prospects or even clients on a regular basis is difficult. E-newsletters help you keep in touch with those prospects and clients on a scheduled time frame. They’ll be expecting your email with more industry news as well as details about a new product or service you are providing for them. It even helps create an incentive for them to contact you when they need to. An example would be if one of our clients read that ForRent.com has a new and improved IPhone Application and wants to know if their apartment property is listed. Inquiring more information about the post allows us to follow up and instill great customer service.
  3. E-newsletters Help You Save. There isn’t a company I know that isn’t trying to cut back on expenses. E-newsletters help you save money in multiple ways. Using an electronic version that is emailed, you won’t need to hire a graphic designer for ads, you won’t need a printing company and you won’t pay shipping costs or buy vast amounts of paper. And because most e-newsletters are quick and easy to create, you can write your content, assemble the pieces together and send them out quicker. This allows your message to be sent out promptly and easily! This is especially beneficial should you be running a special promotion and you want to get word out.
  4. Find Quantifiable Results. An E-Newsletter provides instant measurable results. As I mentioned earlier, because it’s being sent out to a list of interested participants it will also provide a higher response rate because it is being sent to a more receptive audience. That will also assist in the high delivery and open rate. You will benefit by having links inside the e-newsletter that are tracked so that you can see conversion rates from referring addresses.
  5. Just Another Way to be on Their Minds. Your advertising plan probably includes print, online ads, billboards, front yard signs, etc. Your company is searching for ways to be in more places in front of your customer. Sending out e-newsletters is a reminder to current and prospective customers that you are there. You’ll keep coming back into the ‘lime light’ every month to provide them with great resources.

You may be hesitant to add yet another project on your shoulders, but remember sending e-newsletters is an effective and measurable marketing program. It will help in producing results for company during this challenging economy.



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  1. Austin Apartment Pro says:

    That’s a great idea and certainly one that could be useful in this rough economy. I considered starting an e-newsletter in the past but didn’t feel I had time to complete it. This article spells out the benefits in a way that makes me realize it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

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