Tailgate Club Sandwich Bar

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It’s tailgate time! It doesn’t matter what team you’re rooting for, tasty tailgate treats are a must. I’m so excited to be sharing tailgate inspired ideas! My first tailgate tip is setting up a club sandwich bar.

Club sandwich idea that's perfect for a tailgate

Allowing guests to create their own sandwiches not only saves you time but also ensures each fan gets to enjoy exactly what they want. So whip out the pom-poms because once this sandwich bar is set-up, you get to enjoy tailgating too!

Tailgate club sandwich recipe that would be perfect for the superbowl

Awesome Superbowl party club sandwich idea!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-          Sandwich bread (what, white, or whatever your heart desires)

-          Cheese (I used pepperjack, cheddar, and Colby)

-          Meats (Turkey, Ham, etc)

-          Toppings (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, etc)

-          Football shaped cookie cutter

Tailgate Club Sandwich bar idea

If you have trouble finding a football-shaped cookie cutter, you can find one online here or simply use half of a circular-shaped cookie cutter on each side to create an oval shape.  On a cutting board, use the football cutter to cut out the sandwich bread (toast lightly). Cut out football shapes with the cheese and meat as well. Set out toppings and club sandwich options on your tailgate table! Remember that meat and cheese stay fresh in cooler temperatures so serve them on trays atop ice or indoors.

Awesome tailgate recipe idea!

Delicious club sandwich idea for a tailgate or homegate

Set out fun football toothpicks for guests to secure their football club sandwiches! You can also print a clip-art image of footballs, cut, and glue to the top of toothpicks! These mini bites are perfect for enjoying while mixing and mingling with fans.

Delicious homegate recipe idea! And fun!

Other uses for your football cookie cutter:

-          Cookies

-          Brownies

-          Ice cream sandwiches

-          Whoopie pies

-          Mini pies

-          Etc! Let the creative juices flow because almost anything can instantly become football shaped for a tasty tailgate treat.

Yummy club sandwich for a tailgate

Stay tuned for more tailgate ideas!

Great tailgate idea! Build-your-own club sandwiches for guests!


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  1. Oh my goodness how cute is this?! I am SO SO SO doing something just like this for a game SOON! :) Great inspiration!!

  2. Lexy says:

    Can’t figure out what kind of bread you used for the sandwich. I know it’s cut into football shape but the texture and browness (toasted???) look inviting. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Amber says:

      Hi Lexy!
      Thanks for stopping by our blog! Wheat sandwich bread (toasted) was used to make these adorable little sandwiches! If you make any yourself, please come back and post them to our blog! We would love to see them!

  3. Marijane Wms-McCreary says:

    I would like to know what you used for the chalkboard. Did you paint something with that specific paint that makes a chalkboard? Whatever you used it made a great tablecloth affect.

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