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    Do It Yourself Nesting Ideas

    The current economic environment has made more Americans cut back on their expenses with many embracing the ‘do-it-yourself’ route; whether it is making your own coffee, trimming your own hair, etc.  More and more people are also starting to look at their living space and finding ways to improve it. So instead of buying a […]

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    Apartment Communities Benefiting from Going Green

    I had an interesting conversation with Mike Whaling and Lisa Trosien on Twitter last week regarding the benefits for apartment communities going green during this economy.  A question was posed whether renters will actually see the benefit of apartment properties going green and therefore, pay the extra premiums associated with it.  According to the key […]

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    Low to NO Cost Makeovers for Your Apartment

    It’s time to get creative! If you’re decorating style is stuck in a rut but you have little to no money to do anything about it, check out these great ideas. Most don’t require you to purchase anything, just using things you already have in your house. But boy will these ideas do the trick! […]

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    Nesting in these Economic Times

    We have noted in several of our previous posts how the tough economic times are proving difficult for businesses, but we really haven’t dived into the hardships affecting consumers…! Businesses are struggling because consumers are feeling the squeeze of the economy. You are forced to reevaluate your finances and reduce your disposable income.  In many […]

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    St. Patrick’s Day Cooking

    Are you planning on cooking this St. Patrick’s Day? Or perhaps you’re thinking about throwing a party?! Having a pot-luck at work? If you’re a little stumped on what to bring or what to cook this year, look at a few ideas I’ve just tossed together. There are some for the serious chef or for […]

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