How to Survive Sharing a Room

    Most of us have been fortunate enough to have had our own rooms for almost all of our lives.  Now you’re about to head off to college and you realize not only are you expected to share a room, but the room is about the size of a large closet.  So what can you do […]

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    Space Saving

    In most apartments, space is a limited.  Anything that can be done to maximize space is going to be essential to your home decorating.  What can you do to make everything fit without the clutter? 1.  Answer these questions: – Is this functional in my place, and do I use it for that purpose? – […]

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    Fun, Fast, Fitness

    For those of you always on the go who want to stay fit, we may have something for you.   Not only is is fast and can be fun, but it will work with your small spaced living in your apartment!  Not much room is needed and you don’t need a gym membership, just some […]

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    Home Office Fit for an Apartment

    With limited space in an apartment, a home office may seem impossible; but, with proper planning and organization it can still be a functional work space. A big issue with having limited space for your home office is it is likely to be shared with something else, e.g., your living room to watch TV,your bedroom, […]

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