Become A Smartphone Photographer

    There’s no denying social media is gonna be stickin’ around for awhile.  Instagram is a fast-rising social app that is an all-time population favorite with the masses.  It allows for quick-snapping, photo-sharing and it allows users to visually update followers. Instagram allows users to go from camera phone snapper to smartphone photographer in no time.  […]

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    The Battle of Cats versus Dogs

    Pets can be a wonderful and therapeutic addition to your lifestyle. If you have decided upon getting an animal, which do you go with: cat or dog? While many people favor either cats or dogs, there are some people who are borderline about which furry friend to include in their lives. Consider these variables when […]

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    Apartment Socialization

    While there is no rule written anywhere that dictates that you absolutely MUST know your neighbors, it is often helpful to have a nodding acquaintance with many people in your apartment building, and better still to be on good terms with even one or two neighbors. They come in handy when you need someone to […]

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    Happy Birthday Raleigh!

    That’s right! The Apartments For Rent Magazine publication has been in Raleigh, North Carolina for 5 years and is still going strong. Nationwide our publications have more than 25 million copies in circulation with a consistent pick-up ratio of 90%. With the interactive print ads, including all the latest avenues for consumers to contact apartment […]

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  • Where do you Want to Live?Apartments, Houses, Condos, Townhouses, Lofts and Efficiencies.


    Announcement: Joining the mobile offering,, a fully-translated Spanish apartment listing web site, has gone mobile! The Pew Research Center revealed that the U.S. Hispanic market consists of avid mobile users. According to a research conducted during a Spring 2010 Pew Internet study, 87 percent of Hispanics own a cell phone. Of that total, […]

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