How to Survive Sharing a Room

    Most of us have been fortunate enough to have had our own rooms for almost all of our lives.  Now you’re about to head off to college and you realize not only are you expected to share a room, but the room is about the size of a large closet.  So what can you do […]

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    Space Saving

    In most apartments, space is a limited.  Anything that can be done to maximize space is going to be essential to your home decorating.  What can you do to make everything fit without the clutter? 1.  Answer these questions: – Is this functional in my place, and do I use it for that purpose? – […]

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    Is a Pet Right for You?

    Do you find yourself wanting a pet? Just moved into a new place, and considering a furry friend? Keep these questions in mind when thinking about adding a pet into your lifestyle. Does your landlord have a pet policy? They might have a rule on no pets, only pets under 25 pounds, or they might […]

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    Exercising at the Apartment

    Finding the time to exercise is hard. Are you too busy to exercise? Don’t have the space in your apartment for a home gym? You don’t need a gym membership, bulky equipment in your home or time in your schedule to run in order to fit in exercise in your life. Get your heart rate […]

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    Storing Kitchen Appliances with Limited Space

    Creatively Store Kitchen Appliances When Cabinet Space is Limited Limited cabinet space in a kitchen can make it very difficult to properly store appliances and other items. When cabinet space is limited, small appliances like blenders, toasters, food processors and can openers usually end up finding a permanent home on kitchen counters, which means those […]

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