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The Bachelor vs the Bachelorette Pad

For both men and women, the perfect apartment involves careful consideration of furniture and decor. So what are some of the must-haves for the bachelor and the bachelorette pad to make their apartment both functional and stylish?

In 2010, 31 million U.S. households consisted of a single person. [1]

More than 40% of households in these large cities have just one renter.

  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Washington, D.C.

Bachelor Pad

Custom Bar

  • You can go for the classic or modernist route.
  • Feature good wine storage and a stock wide array of domestic and imported beers.
  • Refrigeration, water, ice and other essentials should be nearby.

Awesome Couch [2]

  • Purchase a couch that’s extremely comfortable.
  • You’ll be spending a lot of your time on the couch, so make it count.

Leather Chair [5]
This should be a place of comfort where a man can relax.
Key components:

  • Place to rest arms.
  • Way to recline.
  • Storage for books.
  • Angular lines. (Which give off a masculine look)

Basic Bed [3]

  • Simplicity is key.
  • Keep it clean.
    • Add pillows and a top sheet to your bottom sheet and spread
  • Stick to grays and solid colors.

Bold Accents [4]

  • Balance a bold accent color with neutral colors.
  • Try to use the accent color twice, but subtly.

Bachelorette Pad

Chic Lighting [9]

  • Replace boring light fixtures with something that expresses your personality.
  • Chandeliers are often a good choice.
  • Dimmer lights can help you adjust ambiance.
  • Lighting changes can help you both decorate and improve the atmosphere.

Colorful Plants [8]

  • Plants help make an apartment look beautiful; add some colorful unique foliage, such as orchids or other flowering plants.
  • There are other advantages, as well. Plants can help:
    • Neutralize harmful chemicals in the air.
    • Provide pleasant scents throughout your home.
    • Creatively inspire people living there.
    • Relieve stress for the inhabitants.

Handmade Rugs [7]

  • They’re more durable than machine-made rugs.
  • They’re typically created with silk, cotton, or wool.
  • In general, rugs provide warmth, comfort, and a way to add patterns and colors to a room. [8]

Wallpapered Kitchen [10]

  • Take a kitchen full of dull appliances and give it some style.
  • Vibrant wallpaper with cool colors and patterns can improve the kitchen quickly.
  • If wallpaper is not an option, there are unique wall decals that, while not reusable, are removable.

Floating Bookcases [11]

  • Instead of using bookcases that sit on the floor and take up space, use ones mounted on walls.
    • NOTE: Property managers may not allow items such as bookcases to be mounted to the wall, double check before installing any permanent fixtures.
  • Wall shelves and floating bookcases can both liven up a room and be functional.
  • They can be rearranged to revamp a room.
  • They can store books, photographs, and other decorative items or can be used to partition a large room into defined, smaller spaces.

Whether you’re male or female and looking to decorate your apartment, think about your priorities; consider functionality, aesthetics, and space-conservation. There are many ways to add style, comfort, and usefulness to a room with just a few touches.
NOTE: Before adding any design features to you pad, check with your property manager for rules and regulations.

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