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As tradition with last years post Best Cities for Singles, we have posted the newest version for all those single folks! These rankings, done by Forbes, are meant to be a guide for young, ambitious singles who can live and work wherever they want.

To determine the best cities out of the 40 largest urbanized areas in America they devised criteria of seven categories:  number of singles, night life, culture, cost of living alone, job growth, online dating activity and coolness (the last criteria being my favorite). In order to determine the coolness of each city, a poll was conducted in which participants were asked “Among the following U.S. cities, which one do you think is the coolest?” It is no surprise that New York was deemed the coolest city overall.

Here are the top 10….

1. Atlanta, GA

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Dallas, TX

4. Minneapolis, MN

5. Washington D.C

6. Seattle, WA

7. Boston, MA

8. New York City, NY

9. Orlando, FL 

10. Phoenix, AZ

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, tops the Forbes list of the best cities for singles mainly because of its great night life, high number of singles in the area as well as the great job growth market! In the eight years Forbes has been ranking America’s cities for singles, Atlanta has been in the top ten all but one year. Making it one of the friendliest cities!

Want to see if your city made the list?

Check out Forbes.com’s complete list of the Best Cities for Singles 2008 here. You can even sort by top cities for culture, nightlife, singles, job growth, living cost and online.

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