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Arizona is in the southwest region of the U.S.  Its capital is Phoenix and the 2nd largest city is Tucson.  We will get into those cities apartment trends.  Arizona is apart of the four corners states and is bordered by New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and California. As most of you may know Arizona has a desert climate, which means exceptionally hot summers and mild winters. 

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Did You Know?

According to Wikipedia, approximately 15% of the states 118,000 square miles is privately owned. The remaining area is public forest and park land, recreation areas and Native American Reservation. Another interesting fact is that Arizona is home to one of the largest and well known -preserved meteorite impact sites in the world-meteor crater!

Phoenix Apartments:

As mentioned earlier, Phoenix is the states capital as well as the largest city. Strong population growth in this city is predicted to give the Phoenix apartment market a healthy performance.  With the number of renters increasing developers are expected to meet the demand with 4,200 units. Search Apartments In Phoenix, AZ.

Tucson Apartments:

Tucson is the 2nd largest city in Arizona.  It is located southeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area. This city is predicted to be among the fastest growing small MSAs in the country with the relatively low cost of living, proximately to major trade corridors and pro-business environment being the main reasons. Search Apartments in Tucson, AZ

Colleges and Universities in Arizona:

With corporate relocations and expansions to the Tucson area, there will be an influx of jobs.  Couple with the students at the University of Arizona, the renter demand will be high. For apartments near other Colleges/Universities in Arizona, visit ForRent.com.

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