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If you’re like me, then you’re probably a senior who is about to graduate and has several questions about their future and what’s to come. You’re probably scouting future places of employment and places to live, which will most likely be an apartment. Obviously, finding an apartment is not as easy as buying cereal from the supermarket down the street. Finding an apartment that is right for you takes time and research. Well, I found some fascinating tips on about.com and I thought I’d help you out by sharing some of these ideas with you.

1. First thing you want to consider before looking into a new apartment is how much you can pay comfortably. If you just got a new job, then your rent should be roughly 25 percent of your income. You should be able to cover a lot of your daily expenses on 25 percent of your income; the rest should be used to pay loans and other living expenses as well as contribute to savings when possible.

2. When actually looking for apartments, you should pick five places to look at maximum. If you look at more than five, then you could be exhausting yourself. Try taking pictures of the interior and exterior of the apartment as a reminder of which apartment is which and take notes by rating each place based on your search criteria. This will be great to review as you assess the pros and cons of each apartment before making your final decision.

3. Location is key! When considering these apartments, think about where they are at in relation to where you work. Obviously, the further you live from your job, the higher your transportation cost are going to be. Before settling on the nice affordable apartment that you just found ask yourself: “How’s the commute?”

4. Another thing that you should ask yourself prior to renting an apartment is “will I be able to cover utilities, electricity, by myself?” Depending on how big the place is, you might need a roommate to cover the cost. To find a roommate, check out ForRent.com

5. Don’t feel pressured into making a decision quickly. Take your time & evaluate each of your options. When you do make that choice, remember you will have to complete an application, pay application fees and you may or may not need a cosigner, so make sure you ask prior to accepting the deal.

Well that’s all of the tips that I have for searching for your first apartment. Here’s hoping that your, and my, search goes smoothly!

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