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All of us can identify with the stresses of apartment hunting. We know the endless amount of apartments you’re searching all start to blur together. One apartment community’s name resembles another apartment community and the amenities start to get confusing. Which one had the state-of-the-art fitness center? Ugh! It’s hard to take information from your computer and then apply it once you start driving.

Imagine that you’re driving down the road and you see the nice looking apartment community from ForRent.com. And it has a sign that says ‘Move-In Special’! With ForRent.com mobile enhancements, you can use your cellular device to go on the ForRent.com Mobile Web Site to check out the community. You’ll be able to view listings with photos, long descriptions, floor plans, office hours, contact phone numbers, etc. You can even search for twenty-five properties within a certain radius (i.e. near your school or workplace). With that information at your finger tips, you can call to set up an appointment for that day. And just that quick, you’ll be on your way to finding the apartment of your dreams!

Not only can you search on your phone, but you can also send your computer searches to your mobile via ‘Send2Phone’ link on the property details page on ForRent.com. “A mobile apartment website would be so handy,” said Kristina Marshall, apartment seeker in Virginia Beach, Virginia. “When my boyfriend and I were looking for apartments we would often drive past communities we knew nothing about and it would’ve been helpful if we could have instant access to look up specifics about the complex from our car.”

ForRent.com is keeping up with mobiles trends by updating the capacity in which consumers are able to search for apartment on their cell phones. We strive to make the apartment searching process easier for you by using up-to-date technology. So next time you’re searching around town for an apartment be sure to check out ForRent.com Mobile Web site.

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