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Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has significant historical value as it was the site for Patrick Henry’s ‘Give me liberty or Give me death’ speech during the Revolutionary War and during the American Civil War it was the capital of the Confederate States of America. Many important Civil War landmarks are still present there today, such as the Virginia State capital and the White House of the Conferderacy, among others.

The city of Richmond is subdivided into North Side, Southside, East End and West End. The North End area is home to many diverse neighborhoods, including Barton Heights, Bellevue, Ginter Park, Washington Park, Hermitage Rd, Highland Park, Sherwood Park, etc. These neighborhoods are made up of apartments and houses with a variety of architectural styles, which include Arts and Crafts Bungalows, Victorian, Romanesque Revival, and Queen Anne houses among other styles. The Southside includes all portions of the city that lie south of the James River, such as the former city of Manchester. The East End of Richmond would include neighborhoods like Church Hill, Fairmount, Union Hill, Fulton, Powhatan Hill, Fulton Hill, Montrose Heights, Fairfield Court, Creighton Court, Whitcomb Court, Mosby Court, Eastview, Brauers, Peter Paul, Woodville, North Church Hill, Chimborazo and Oakwood. And lastly, comprising the rest of the city, the West End would contain the urban and suburban areas of Richmond.

If you currently reside in the Richmond area or if you are relocating there, you should view our apartment community videos as they truly give you a glimpse of the area. Not only do these videos showcase the apartment community features and amenities but also the surrounding area, such as malls, restaurants, public transportation, interstates, etc. Visit Apartments for rent in Richmond, VA by going to ForRent.com, below are some video samples that might peak your interest…..

The Villas at Oakland Chase

Baker Atrium Lofts for Rent in Richmond, VA

Colonial Village at Chase Gayton Apartments in Richmond, VA

Trolley Square Apartments in Richmond, VA

Maple Springs Apartments in Richmond, VA

Bramblewood Estate Apartments

And of course, if you’d like to see more videos in this area, and others, feel free visit our YouTube or MySpace profile. You can also get more information and search tips on Richmond Apartments, or view all Apartments for Rent in Richmond, VA.

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