San Diego was rated the fifth best place to live in 2006 by Money Magazine. That could have something to do with the fact that in San Diego the beach is a way of life. According to San San Diego is also “a source of pride and joy and a defining influence in people’s lives”. Surfing, sailing, biking and running, swimming and diving along San Diego’s coastal beaches and bays are common activities. The beach complements a vibrant business atmosphere for the 9th largest city in the United States of America. San Diego makes it easy to get away from the stresses of the job, without leaving the city or state.

You can enjoy all the beach sporting activities or just relax on the beach and take a nap. Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, but restaurants and bars line the beaches and are able to supply anything you need. It never gets too hot or too cold so you can always make your way over to the beach to enjoy a cool “winter” day or enjoy a warm summer day. When the time comes for you to move, the beach life might be the best choice! Get more information and search tips on San Diego Apartments, or view all Apartments For Rent in San Diego, CA.

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