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California is the most populous state in the United States, and the third largest by area after Alaska and Texas.  Key developments in the early 20th century included the emergence of Los Angeles as center of the American entertainment industry, and the growth of a large, state-wide tourism sector. California also has a prosperous agricultural industry, as well as thriving aerospace, petroleum, and information technology sectors.

The California Gold Rush brought dramatic changes to the state; the large influx of people created an economic boom. California’s name became indelibly connected with the Gold Rush, and as a result, was connected with what became known as the “California Dream.” California was perceived as a place of new beginnings, where hard work and good luck could reward great wealth. And the gold never wore off, hence the nickname ‘The Golden State’.

If you’d like to strike gold with your next apartment, visit these apartments for rent:

Woodbury Lane Apartments in Irvine, CA
Portola Place Apartments in Irvine, CA
The Villas at Villaggio Apartments in Modesto, CA
Mirasol Apartments in Irvine, CA
Palmeras Apartments in Irvine, CA
Shadow Oaks Apartments in Irvine, CA
Somerset Apartments in Irvine, CA
Villa Coronado Apartments in Irvine, CA

So who wouldn’t want to live in the great state of California? If anything, just to be run by a governor who pronounces the state “Cal-e-forn-ia.” Ha ha

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