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When people search online they usually search for ‘best of’ lists. Such as ‘Best Restaurants’, ‘Best Nightclubs’, ‘Best Movie Theaters’, etc. You get my point. So I’ve stumbled on this website and would like all of our readers to submit their ‘best of’ lists for the city of Denver. Whether you’re a resident or a frequent visitor, let us know the hot spots you’ve heard about. Topics include various ethnic restaurants (Italian, Mexican, Asian, etc.), sports bars, place to meet singles, etc. Or, if you’d rather not visit the site and vote, let us know right here on our blog.

For those who might be taking a trip there soon, having a few ‘resident recommended’ places to visit would sure give them a good overview of the city.

And don’t forget, if you live in the city you can always get more information and search tips on Denver Apartments, or view all Apartments for Rent in Denver, CO. pick up our For Rent Magazine at many local retail and public locations in the Denver, Colorado area.

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